Job Aids

This page contains a number of paper-based job aids that you can use to help organize a critical thinking project.

Job Aid  Description  Action
High Concept
 A high concept is a brief but comprehensive statement of the problem. it is designed to enable you to communicate the key issues and scope of the problem in about 30-35 words. Although brief, high concepts can be difficult to create. This job aid offers a series of questions you can answer to help you focus on the problem's essentials. 
Problem Classification
 Different kinds of problems need different approaches. This job aid enables you to classify a problem into four categories: straight-forward, complicated, ambiguous and chaotic.

A decision tree walks you through the classification process and a summary chart explains how to approach each type of problem.
Stakeholder Assessment
 These are two worksheets that help you identify key stakeholders and assess how they will impact your project. The first worksheet is a stakeholder inventory while the second is a detailed assessment of an individual stakeholder.
Organizational Style
 What kind of organization do you work for? Different organizations value different kinds of solutions. This job aid helps you classify your organization according to two dimensions: flexibility and focus.

It suggests the types of solutions that would be best received for each.
Culture Impact
 This worksheet is a tool to help you assess the impact of county culture, organizational culture, the situation at hand and the individuals involved on critical thinking for your project.
Data Collection Planner
This job aid in intended to help you think through and design your data collection plan.
Clarify the Question
This worksheet is useful in helping you think through implications of the question you are addressing. You can elaborate the question to get a better understanding of implications and scope.
Decision Matrix
This is an Excel spreadsheet that facilitate the construction of decision matrices.
 Strategic Communication
This worksheet helps you clarify what you need from the level above you and what your direct reports need from you.