Do Managers Want to Know About the Brain?

by Anne Pauker Kreitzberg

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Managers are business-focused - not psychologists. But there are things that managers can learn about how the brain works that would help them become better at managing people. Australian consultant Linda Ray has produced a brief video packed with suggestions that stem from neuro-science. 



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Shoot from the Hip or Think it Through?

by Charles B. Kreitzberg

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Rash decision-making is so common, that it led to the idiom of “shooting from the hip.”  It comes from the idea of firing a pistol as it is removed from the holster without taking the time to raise and aim it. It’s fast but inaccurate.

Shooting from the hip looks great in the movies but is a risky way to make business decisions.

But while it seems obvious that understanding is essential to getting to good decisions, you may be subject to pushback when you try to do it. In this blog post, I explain three of the arguments frequently leveled against thinking the problem through.

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